Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here are some pictures of the nursery. R.J. worked so hard to get it finished last week. We are officially ready. Everything has been organized, washed, and put away. I am so happy with how it looks. Thank you R.J.!
We are still waiting on the letters "T-R-I-P-P" that we are going to hang above the crib, but they should be ready soon! We are having them painted. After that, I cant think of anything else that we will need. Mom, insists that I am going to need a chair in there, and I know she is right. But, I think that we will wait on that until he is here or right before he comes. The good news is we DO have room for one if needed. I have to say that my absolute favorite part of the room is the chandelier. I love it, and I tied the little blue ribbons to them. It turned out great.

I promise I am going to post a belly picture soon. I just need to get a good one first! In the meantime, here are some updates:

I had my big baby shower! It was beautiful! Thank you to all who hosted and all who came. It was perfect! I got so many things that I needed and also many extras that I wanted. We were able to stock the nursery with all sorts of baby stuff. We got our carseat as well! Once we get that installed in the car, I'm sure reality will set in and I'll understand how soon he'll be here. I only have a month left. YAY!

I have also started my "once a week" appointments at the doctor. I went last week and she said I look great and Tripp is measuring right on track. This Friday she, my doctor, is going to let us do an ultrasound to check him out and see his exact measurements! I cant wait to see him! I have told her repeatedly that if this baby boy wants to come out a little early, I am all about it. It is just so hot outside, and I get uncomfortable too easily. The good news is, is that she said ok to this and as long as she sees that there is a good window for him to come on, then she is happy to let him come a little early. I'll probably end up being that girl that is 2 weeks OVER the due date. HAHA! Let's just hope not! Lastly, he is rolling around like crazy and I'm able to tell how much he is growing and how strong he is getting. Only 5 more weeks until he is actually here. I cant believe it. Time has flown by.