Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meet Randy Joe Smith III! We will call him Tripp! Is he not the most beautiful thing ever!? We love him so much, we just ooh and ahh over these 4D pictures all the time. The ultrasound lady said that he was very photogenic (not sure on that spelling). We got so many great pictures. This one was one of my favorites because he is smiling. At the same appointment as my 4D, I had my gestational diabetes test and passed that! Thank goodness! The doctor says that everything is looking good and Tripp and I are measuring right on track. Things are just moving right along. Sweet R.J. has already painted the nursery, and it looks so good. We have all the furniture...everything from dresser and crib to the chandelier and rug. Soon we will be moving it all up to the room. I can't wait to see how it looks all put together.

I have gotten a lot of "how are you feeling?" lately, so here is the answer:
Between my maternity leave at school and getting ready for baby, my anxiety level rises everyday. If you know me at all, I'm sure you are not surprised about that. I have really been praying about it though because I know its not good for me OR TRIPP! I am trying to aviod being stressed out or worrisome at all. I know everything will fall into place....just trying to relax and breathe. I have had such an easy pregnancy its hard for me to complain about anything. However, if I could pick in the last week or so, I have started to get VERY uncomfortable. Mostly in the afternoons and nights. My stomach muscles are just stretched to the max at the end of the day. R.J. asked what it felt like and I told him, you know when someone is stretching you and you reach the point where whatever you are stretching cant go any farther...well, its like that, but the stretch feeling doesnt stop. That may not make much sense, but that is how it feels. It just means that he is growing and growing which makes me so thankful, however, uncomfortable. Other than those things and being tired ALL THE TIME, I am doing GREAT! I can't wait until school is out so that I can just hang out and rest until Tripp gets here.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Well, I really am trying to keep up with this blog! So here's whats been going on lately. I have had 2 baby showers since my last post. One was thrown by the second grade teachers that I work with and the other was thrown by my sweet class! There were both wonderful and I got so many precious baby things. Tripp is already getting spoiled and he's not even here yet!

I can tell that he is getting big because the little taps that I was feeling have turned into punches and actual rolling motions. He is running out of room in there! I am 28 weeks tomorrow and can't believe its getting so close to the big day. I am starting to have anxiety about the process that is going to unfold at the hospital. Having been through absolutely no surgeries in my life and no overnight stays in a hospital, it makes me the fact that my pain tolerance is pretty LOW! Anyway, once I get to the point where it is time for Tripp to be here, Im sure it will only be excitement that I am feeling. I love him so much already!!! I go to the doctor this coming Wednesday for my gestational diabetes test and we'll get his 4D picture from the ultrasound, that I am dying to see!