Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have had a busy past few weeks! We have had a wedding in Kentucky, new schedules, and an Alabama football game. I'll start with the wedding...

R.J., my mother, Tripp, and I all headed up to Lexington, KY (that would be about a 7 hour drive) for our dear friends, Matthew and Sarah's wedding. Tripp was a trooper, and so was my mom! The events started on a Thursday night and continued through the wedding on Saturday night. My mom came with us to act as our babysitter in the hotel room and stroll around the beautiful city of Lexington so that R.J. (who was a groomsman) and I could go to all the festivities-rehearsal dinner Thursday night, horse races at Keeneland all day Friday, cocktail party Friday night, wedding Saturday and reception Saturday night. We were able to do everything without worrying about Tripp AT ALL! He was in great hands....however, we were all in the same hotel room and Tripp grunted all through the night keeping us up all hours. He is used to sleeping in his crib in his own room at home, and was restless. And, since he is in his own room at home, we don't hear the grunts, only the cries. So, it was a LONG weekend but worth the trip to see Matty and Sarah, who looked absolutely gorgeous on her big day. I couldn't tell her enough! We actually made the decision to take Tripp to the reception Saturday was a little too much for him. The lights, the noise, the people....he was way overwhelmed and cried crocodile tears with his little lip out, which was a new emotion for us since he is a normally happy baby, with hungry, and sleepy cries. These tears broke mommy's heart. Everyone was so glad to see him and get to meet him though, and we were happy to show him off! My mom and I headed out a little early and R.J. came back to the hotel a little later. What a FUN and exhausting weekend! Here is Tripp all dressed up for the wedding reception:

After the wedding weekend in Kentucky, I decided that Tripp needed to be on more of a schedule. So, we have tried it...AND IT WORKS FANTASTICALLY!! Especially for me since I'm kind of a planner :). It has turned into something like this: Starting at 7 am he eats every 2 and a half to 3 hours, takes a couple cat naps in the morning, and then a LONG 3 hour nap starting between 12 and 1. Then he goes to bed around 9 pm, gets up at 3 to eat and then sleeps until 6:30 or 7. I am loving it. I should have started it a long time ago.

A couple side notes about things that he has been doing lately:

He loves to hug something like a blanket as he drifts off to sleep, he has finally started accepting a new paci...he has only taken the ONE that the hospital gave us (I don't plan on getting rid of the paci any time soon, he LOVES it), he would much rather sit or stand than lay down, he must be swaddled in order to sleep for long periods of time, his hands are constantly in his mouth, he'd rather sleep on his tummy, he watches our dog and thinks she is funny, he has discovered he he has a high pitched squeal and loves to hear himself, he's most peaceful sitting with daddy watching football on tv, I'm sure there is more but those are a few things that I'm thinking of right now...

Lastly, R.J. and I went to the Alabama v Tennessee football game in Tuscaloosa and left Tripp and Sabie with my parents. I was so nervous about leaving him for so long because I miss him when I'm away from him for a couple of hours and this was going to be all day and night. Well, we left at 10 am and by 2:00 I was ready to have him back. We didn't get back to Birmingham until 1:30 am and Tripp and Sabie ended up spending the night with my parents, so I didn't get to see him until the next morning. That's enough for me for a while, and that is definitely the LAST night game for me for a while, SHEESH, the traffic is ridiculous and I was wiped out for the rest of the weekend....I'm getting old.

Here are a couple of recent pictures! Enjoy!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time Flies

It is hard to believe that this little guy is already 10 weeks old. He is such a good baby! We have come a long way since the last post. Here are some things that have been happening since then:

He is interacting with us more and more every day. He is able to focus and make eye contact, and even watches when you walk away after playing with him. And oh the cooing and the there a more precious sound than a baby talking to you? Especially your own baby! R.J. likes to have conversations where they both say "Uh-guh" over and over again. I love it.

We have been enjoying football season! I LOVE dressing Tripp up for each and every bama game. It's actually probably a bit of an overkill (see the following picture, HAHA).

For a while I dreaded night time and going to sleep. The worst night on record was about a month ago when R.J. was out of town and Tripp literally cried or fussed ALL NIGHT LONG. I had a doctor appointment the next morning and barely made it. Of course he was a precious angel at the doctor with me and everyone "oohed and aahd" over him, and I remember thinking how that precious angel was A)still awake, and B)if only they knew what he did to mommy the night before.

The nights have gotten better. He is waking up twice. I am ready for him to go all the way through the night, and trying everything possible to get us to that point. He takes about 2, 2 hour naps during the day with little catnaps in between. Thinking about it now, maybe I should keep him up longer during the day. It's just so nice to be able to get stuff done while he is out. More to come on the sleep situation. Maybe by my next post I'll be able to say that he sleeps 10 hours straight. Wishful thinking!

He had his 2 month check up last Wednesday. He weighs 12 pounds 1 ounce, and he is 24 inches long. Everything checks out great! He got the 4 shots! That was no fun at all. He was in such a good mood and just smiling and talking to the nurse, and ....the crying began. Thoroughly broke my heart. I did not cry (thought I would), I was more focused on getting him calmed down to worry about my emotions. When it was over he buried his little head in my neck and calmed down a few minutes later. Precious!

Please enjoy the video, I realize my part in the cilp is a bit over the top. Ignore me and listen to sweet baby Tripp. It's about 46 seconds of him in a great mood. It was taken a couple weeks ago, and he is even more interactive these days. We love him so much!