Monday, June 4, 2012


Lots of things going on since Easter...little Tripp is growing up so quickly. He is 10 months old now, I can't believe it.  Every day is so much more fun than the one before.  His personality has come out and he is so happy and laid back.  He has not started walking yet, but tries to take a step but eases himself back to the ground because he gets a little nervous. He does stand completely independently and can lean over and pick things up and stand back up again. He crawls and climbs all over the place, it's hard to keep up.  He says, mama, dada, nana.  He claps for more...and yay...and pretty much any time he gets excited for something. And if you cough and he watches you he will fake cough as well. We have introduced a few table foods to him.  He loves cucumber and any melon, he nibbled on a waffle the other day. He wasn't so sure about it though.  He would prefer his cheddar puffs over anything else.
I am now on my Summer break and have loved every minute of it!  He has been to the pool for his first time and had a ball! He loves the water and just likes to people watch.  Side note: Aunt Natty, who keeps Tripp during the school year, let us borrow this fantastic "game day type high chair".  I highly recommend it.  It is simply a fold out high chair and can get wet and is the fabric of a game day chair.  It has a little pouch you can zip it into when you are done and even holds the tray for easy carrying!!!  He sat it in and had some snacks and loved it as much as he did the water.  Here are some recent pics!
Getting lotioned up and ready to swim!
Daddy and Tripp
Mommy and Tripp

Excited clapping!

Swimming in the baby pool with Natty and Katie

Look at that sweet face

Aidyn and Tripp in his game day high chair!


  1. Ferris! He is just precious! Calli said you loved the outfits I sent over. I am glad he can already wear the shirts!!
    Where is this gameday high chair from? I would love to get one!!

    1. Jennifer, I love the little outfits that you gave us!! You are so sweet to think of us. Tripp will look so cute in them. I'll have to post a picture of him wearing them!! Thank you so much! And, I'll find out where the chair is from and let you know! We wont go to the pool without it.