Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween "Trippy"

Tripp's first Halloween was spent at our dear friend's Jeff, Hillary and Greer Wilkerson's house. This past weekend we went to a birthday party and Tripp was a football, it was precious. But this time we bundled him up in the ole elephant outfit, yes, we are THOSE fans. HA! We spent our time riding through the neighborhood, taking pictures, eating delicious taco soup, and passing out candy. It was a great first Halloween. Look at how stinking cute Big Al and Snow White are: Greer and Tripp were buddies that night, she takes such good care of him. She decided his nickname should be "Trippy" and called him that most of the night. He did GREAT! He stayed awake the entire time and did not go to sleep until we got home.
And, of course, we could not leave Sabie out this Halloween. She was such a good sport, and made us laugh a lot. She hated that hat, but kept it on for pictures. My mom got her this jailbird outfit, it seemed so appropriate. Thanks Nana B!We went to Katie Meyer's dress up bday party on Saturday, and Tripp went as a football. I got creative with this one. The hat and leggings were a gift from the Wilkerson's and the Nike's are from Susannah and Mitch, so I just combined them all and he turned out to be a pretty cute little football.
Lastly, here is my little, although, bigger brother. He has been Spiderman for the past at least 5 years, maybe more. He came over so that I could do his makeup. He looked just like Spiderman and was so proud. He won first place at the party that he went to with his buddies. Sweet Uncle Allen!


  1. I love all the precious pictures and memories made with my nephew!! I can't believe how big he is getting. I wish time could stop for a while. I look forward to making more memories w/ our amazing family. Love you all Smith family!!
    Love Aunt Cal

  2. Sweet baby!! Ferris, he is the most beautiful baby boy. I am so happy for you. AND so happy that I ran into you! Holler at me sometime. I've missed you. Love you friend!