Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break and Baptism

I love Spring Break! I have been soaking in all the time that I have been able to spend with Tripp. Can't believe he is 8 months old!!! Mom and I went shopping today for Spring clothes...18 and 24 month clothes. My little giant! He has hit a few milestones this week...he waves back at you when you wave at him, and he comes in to give you a kiss! It is so sweet! It's more like a lick, but I'll take it! One other milestone that's a pretty big one is...he is about to start crawling, he gets on all fours and rocks back and forth. He has been doing this for a while, and can eventually "scoot" to what he wants. The leg and arm movement that is needed is about to come together...and then we will be chasing him everywhere! Also, he is able to sit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and be totally occupied. This gives me a huge break. He loves it!! "Oh Toooodles" sticks in my head all day long, but it keeps him entertained. We have been having nothing but fun while we have been on the break. Although, this pollen has really aggravated his allergies. We spent one morning at the doctor making sure that he did not have an ear infection. He is all clear, but his snotty nose is causing some sleepless nights, poor guy!

We had his baptism on Sunday! He looked liked an angel. His gown was worn by my grandfather, my father, my sister, brother and me! It was so nice to have everyone together on this special day. He is one loved little boy, that's for sure.

Here is Tripp and his girlfriend Anne Barron. They played in the church library...the sermon did not interest them. :)

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