Saturday, March 10, 2012

Back to School and Almost 8 Months Old

Just looking at the pictures from the last post, it shows I have not blogged in a long time. He has changed so much!! Since the last post we have had so much going on. I am back to school, and busy busy busy. I barely have time to just sit and catch my breath, let alone update my blog. BUT this is something that I promised myself I'd do to keep track of our life with Tripp. I have been reading everyone else's and thinking "tomorrow I'll update mine", well, many "tomorrow's" later. Im back! And in a nutshell...

1. We had an incredible Christmas and New Year's, very uneventful and so relaxing! We visited with both sides of the family. Tripp got many gifts over the holidays, but his favorite part was eating and making crunching noises with all the bows and wrapping paper.

2. We had his 6 month check up and he is growing right on track, getting so big! He started sitting up independently around the beginning of January and can do it COMPLETELY by himself now. We actually lowered his crib last weekend to keep him from pulling up and over.

3. School is good, very different from when I was "Tripp-less". It was hard leaving him for the first time with "Aunt Natty" his sitter. She is WONDERFUL, but the first week was hard. Dropping him off the first 2 days that I had school were sad. But the Friday after we started was the worst, I think I was probably exhausted and reality was setting in that I really wasnt going to get to spend every waking minute with him anymore....and thats when I lost it. Since then it has gotten much better, and although I think about him all day, I have no worries at all and I know he is in loving hands. I am so thankful to have her though. AND I'm so thankful to have Miss Whitney who keeps Tripp on Wednesdays! I know they probably get tired of hearing from me, texting them at all hours asking them for pictures, but I am so glad to have them.

4. Tripp is starting to say more consonant sounds and laugh and smile so much more. He says "mama" and "dada", but Im not sure he understands the connection to us. He sings/talks every day on the way to school. He is eating fruits and veggie baby foods, and formula, and would rather eat veggies every meal. His favorite is actually the mac and cheese. Imagine that...I dont know who he gets that from. :) If his daddy were on death row, I think he may order that for his last meal. He is so strong, and the doctor said that he may just walk, and skip crawling all together. Then we'll be REALLY exhausted chasing him around the house. He recognizes people that he sees frequently and smiles and reaches for them.

5. He has had two ear infections, which were not fun. But, worse than that was when he got his two bottom teeth. Sheesh, those were a pain in the neck. We lost a little sleep the nights those were coming in. Bless his heart! Those are the only teeth so far though.

6. Tripp is getting baptized next weekend at our church. We recently joined at Asbury Methodist and we are so excited! He will be wearing the same gown that my sister, my brother, and I wore at our baptisms. We tried it on him today and he looked like an angel, absolutely beautiful. It is so special that he is getting to wear what we all wore on this important day. I'll definitely put up pictures of that!

I think that's all for now, I promise I will be more diligent about getting news and pictures up from now on!

Here's a video of our little climber

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